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Clash and Clans Bot(COC Bot) is a 100% working and safe Android script and robot for Clash of Clans in 2021. It is developed by Game Bots Team, which is dedicated lớn creating và improving better game experience for players.

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COC Bot works over Clash and Clans official app và simulate players' gestures to play the game so it is safe to use. A large amount of players have automatically enjoyed enormous resources with COC Bot as it can automatically collect resources, train troops, automatically defeat và even intelligently tìm kiếm dead bases for players. In 2021, COC Bot continues taking those features for players!

In Clash of Clans, recources are vital for every Chief khổng lồ train troops, attachồng other clans, unloông chồng new features & upgrade the base. Taking & waiting hours to collect recources and train troops khổng lồ fight và get resource rewards are the key gameplay in Clash of Clans.

If your COC is still running & playing the game even when you are working, studying & sleeping, you can receive many resources & speed up the progoress. Therefore, Clash of Clans Bot (COC Bot) is developed to help players.

Save Time & Energy

Clash and Clans Bot (COC Bot) can run the game when you are busy, and automatically represent you khổng lồ raid, colloect recources, train troops and protect your clans all the time.

Seize opportunities to lớn gain more rewards

Clan & Clans Bot ( COC Bot) searches ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá clans và dead bases for players. Seize every chance khổng lồ gain more rewards for Chief at any time & anywhere.

- Auto lớn Farm Clash of Clans for Level 2 - Level 13

- Aulớn Play Clash of Clans for Level 2 - Level 13

- Auto Train Troops

- Aulớn TrainSuper Troops.

- Aulớn Collect Resources ( Coins/Elixir)

- Aukhổng lồ Search Dead Base

- Aulớn Search igiảm giá clans

- Aukhổng lồ Raid

- Auto lớn Search Loot

- Aukhổng lồ Deploy troops

- Aukhổng lồ Attack Clans

- Aukhổng lồ Collect Bonus

- Aulớn protect Chief Clan

- Aulớn Clean stand-by forces

- Support Gem Boost Event

- Support Language English

- Support All Resolutions of Android 7+ system

We will introduce how to lớn use COC Bot on Android first because the process of using COC Bot on PC is the same in 2021.

If you are intersted in how to use COC Bot in the background và locked screen, see:

Run Clash of Clans Bot (COC Bot) in the Background and Locked Screens

1. Download & install theGame bots appon Android phone first.

2. Download COC Botfrom trò chơi bots.


3. Log in your Game Bots trương mục. (Register one with your email if you don't have)

4. Allow permission for Game Bots.

After you allow them, a floating window will appear on your screen.

Note: Need khổng lồ allow floating window and accessibility permission for Game Bots, or it won't work over on COC official ứng dụng.

5.Tap "Free trial" or purchase COC Bot khổng lồ enjoy it continuously.

Note:Every users can enjoy a 15-min không tính phí trial every 24 hours.

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6. xuất hiện Clash of Clans ứng dụng và tap COC Bot floating button.

7. Change the game languange into lớn English and empty your barracks for COC.

See more on COC Bot and

if you need.

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8. Select the town level you are in first and customize your COC Bot.

Note: we recommend that use the mặc định settings of COC Bot và see what it is like for the first time after you select the town cấp độ.


9. After you phối COC Bot, run it to lớn make it work.

10. Wait a while và the bot will run for you.

11. Tap the floating ibé to stop the bot when necessary.

We useLDPlayer (4.0 Android 7.1)emulator as an example. LDPlayer is an Android emulator software on PC.

Download LDPlayer:

1. Install LD Player on your computer.

2. xuất hiện it khổng lồ install Clash of Clans và trò chơi Bots.

LDplayers has Google play to install games.

3. Open Game Bots to lớn get COC Bot.

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4. The rest is as the way shown above to lớn use COC Bot on Anroid.


As LD players supports mulitple emulators, when you have the need lớn run more COC Bot in 2021, check: