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The company has won high praise for the fine materials it uses, & the superb craftsmanship of its products.
Developers appear inclined to lớn entice the buyer with a sleek kitchen and oak floor, at the expense of craftsmanship và longterm maintenance.
This was not craftsmanship with a dead hand, but craftsmanship continually receptive to new influences provided it did not break with the basic tradition.
Both composers were able khổng lồ complete the task within the time frame, although differences in craftsmanship và compositional development led khổng lồ differences in time use.
Furthermore, in contradistinction lớn craftsmanship, it was not the h& & its mechanical energy that brought about the transformations in distillation but fire.
The political craftsmanship behind these decisions is a telling example of stability through change.
The federation supported a pragmatic ethic of independent craftsmanship & took exception to lớn meddling by local authorities và reformers.
The process of making a Model required skilled craftsmanship but also the messy handling of matter, & models were therefore made in the workcửa hàng.
The high-unique craftsmanship & strict framework on marble vases argues for increasing oversight & decisions regarding the patronage of these vases.
References, figures, photos of actual new instruments, & recommended readings make this book a fairly complete introduction to lớn this new area of musical instrument "craftsmanship".
Art schools, especially, celebrated local individuals & local craftsmanship, but also alluded to the arts more generally.
Of course, it is a bricolage as well và, given the time of its construction, a bricolage largely based on craftsmanship rather than industry.

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Nonetheless, the obhệ thống perceives in each a trinity of natural creation, human craftsmanship, và everyday use.
They revise continually, so that the poem becomes as much a piece of craftsmanship as the mixing of paints or the learning of dance steps.
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