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The Trade & Industry Secretary is taking a delegation of business và union leaders to Shangnhị tomorrow khổng lồ meet Chinese ministers.

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Indiana"s trade delegation hopes khổng lồ secure investments và jobs by visiting European companies whose offices are already in the state.

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the delegation of authority/power/responsibility The main principle involved is the delegation of responsibility for budgets to lớn accountable units, each of which has defined objectives.
The delegation arrived for a summit between the leaders of the two countries, but the meeting was postponed due to recent tensions.
Members of the delegation didn"t lượt thích the ballot proposition in the first place, for obvious reasons.
But as quickly as the statement was read, each of the delegations split inkhổng lồ their respective fiefdoms.
Soon it will become de rigueur for all applications to lớn offer spoken interaction and meaningful delegation.
The state"s delegation would fight it, & such unfair, pernicious cuts simply wouldn"t be accepted.
Even though there was a heavy security presence there, people started lớn come out & try to lớn speak lớn this delegation.
And that is certainly not the message you will hear tomorrow from our bipartisan congressional delegation.
While every athlete in the delegation has their moment of fame, some are a little more famous than others.
At this year"s summit, a biennial sự kiện, delegations from more than 50 nations will discuss evolving nuclear threats & ways to minimize and prevent them.
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