Devil may cry 5 special edition

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a game by Capcom
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 6 votes
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2019 has seen some great games & Devil May Cry 5 is one of the best of the lot! While the reboot DMC (which I thought was great by the way) was not everyone’s cup of tea. Capcom went bachồng lớn what made people love the series và instead decided to follow on from Devil May Cry 4 rather than DMC.

The Detháng King!

I freaking love the story of Devil May Cry 5. The thing is it is the kind of thing that is really hard to lớn break down inlớn words as it is all over the place! The basic idea is that there is a demon king called, Urizen who is up khổng lồ no good. He is a new character khổng lồ the series as is V, it is V who calls in Dante to help put a stop to Urizen.

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The Three Amigos!

There are three characters that you get lớn play as in this game và each one feels very, very different. Of course, you have Dante & if you have sầu played any Devil May Cry game before you know what khổng lồ expect with hlặng. I would say that this is the most athletic & over the top Dante has ever been!You then have Nero, Nero is great & packs more of a punch than Dante và he also has his own sets of special moves & abilities that he can bởi vì. I liked Nero, but out of the three characters he was the most one dimensional when it came to gameplay.The new character to the series is V & V is fantastic. Now granted, you do not get to play as him a ton, but he is a very interesting guy. To start with, you do not actually “attack” with hlặng. Instead, you control these evil looking creatures that vị the fighting for you, they weaken an enemy and then you need khổng lồ zoom in for the kill. It takes a while lớn get the hang of, but it is a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of fun.

Each of the three characters can be upgraded as you play và a huge appeal of this game (and the series in general) is that you can play it the way you want. I love sầu to juggle enemies in the air as Dante và just smash them as quickly as possible as Nero, but the way you go about battle could be very different.

Fun For All

I have to admit that Devil May Cry 5 is the easiest game in the series. I played on the “normal” setting first time I played it and found it a breeze to get through. A huge part of this is because the game is very generous in the way it lets you come baông xã to life thanks lớn your orbs.


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How you can get more out of the game though is by breezing through the story (which is a lot of fun) & then going baông xã. The game is a lot of fun so having multiple playthroughs is something most people will vì. However, you can get rankings as you play và wanting to get S rankings as much as you can is very addictive sầu.

I really cannot say enough positive sầu things about Devil May Cry 5. Capcom could not have done a better job with this. No matter what your feelings are on DMC or even Devil May Cry 4. You really owe it to yourself lớn play this. It is an absolute riot from start to over and one of the highlights of 2019.



The whole game has a very sleek presentationCombat is a ton of funEach of the three characters feels very differentYou can fight the way you want khổng lồ fightThe story is very fun and over the top


It is a rather easy game if you just want the storyGetting S ranking in some sections can be frustrating