Diligently Là Gì


A:“Eloquent” means especially fluent, formal or well-spoken.”Diligent” means conscientious or hard-working.

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A:Examples: • Diligent workers take their time.• She listened diligently.• We all know he is a diligent writer.(Most people will just use the word ‘careful’.)A:“The police were diligent about finding the missing girl and wouldn”t stop until they did.” “He was a hard-working student who studied for hours every night.” “His industrious employees are what kept his business alive.””She was driven lớn succeed because so many people doubted her.””Driven” can also be used as a verb, but have sầu the same meaning. “She was driven by her desire for money.”There”s no big differences between the words, but some are used in some situations more than others. Formal: Diligent IndustriousInformal:Hard-workingDriven-“Enthusiastic” is more about showing enjoyment or interest in something. But the word is unrelated to lớn doing any “hard-work””David was so enthusiastic about going to the zoo, he couldn”t stop smiling”Hope this helped!A:Diligent means steady effort. John is a diligent worker.Prudent means wise, careful. It’s prudent lớn save sầu money in case of future hardships.A:Diligent its an adjective that exposes extreme care about something done, for example a well done task (in working context) would be a diligent one. Meanwhile the meaning of earnest reside on how much conviction or pasion you put inlớn somenthing.

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Both could be used to lớn appeal someone”s work. Also diligent, can be used just to magnifies somone”s desire to acomplish somethig even if doesn”t fulfil its actual meaning, being used only as a compliment.A:diligent” means working with careful attention to lớn detail in order lớn do a thorough job và not miss anything. “industrious” means working hard & being productiveA:“Hard-working” is the more general of the two, và it”s often used to lớn refer to people in work (e.g. earning a wage or salary). “Diligent” means that someone is hard-working & conscientious, but that person can be a pupil, student, parent — i.e. not necessarily someone who”s getting paid lớn do something.