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I can't wait until Velzard sees how her brother looks and acts like now, although I guess in some regards he probably hasn't changed that much.

I was waiting for that mid-cutscene to Veldora and maybe even Ramiris but sadly they didn’t deliver

for all that setup about Veldora being weak and I didn’t get a manga-reading scene? time to boycott this goddamn show

Anyone care to remind me how strong Veldora is in relation to the demon lords? I don't remember if this was explained in season 1 or not.

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Demon lords vary HEAVILY in strength. Some of them are as strong as true dragons, and some of them are only a bit stronger than Rimuru before he became a demon lord.

There are some demon lords who will lose to veldora very easily like clayman and there are other demon lords who can give good fight they even have chances to beat him like guy crimson and milim after all they are the oldest demon lords

The Demon Lords are kind of variable in power level (we can see this in this episode with how Leon knows that he'd normally lose a fight against Guy or Milim) but Veldora has fought some of the Demon Lords in the past, and we'll probably get the list of his power ratings next episode since Rimuru also asks him for his opinion.

. . . On the other hand, Ramiris has also claimed to have defeated Veldora in a single punch, and Veldora is not necessarily a more reliable source than Ramiris when it comes to his own fight history, so anything from Veldora's mouth about his own power level relative to the Demon Lords must also be taken with a grain of salt.

besides Guy and maybe Millin, the true dragon are stronger than the rest of the demon Lord

but after a certain level of power, we start getting conceptual attack like Veldora's Prison, so nobody can be 100% secure of their power

Veldora is one of the strongest beings, and become much stronger after he attained his Ultimate Skills.

Demon Lords don't have fixed power per se but consider from this episode how his older sister, also a True Dragon, is in an co-equal relationship with the strongest/oldest Demon Lord.

Also remember Charybdis? Yeah Veldora made that thing just as a side effect of his power. Not like intentionally like Frankenstein, more like he hocked a loogie or wiped off some sweat and that byproduct was so full of magic it turned into a flying kaiju.

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Of course that's all "raw power" like Milim, some of the other Demon Lords might have troublesome skills that give idiots like Veldora more trouble.