Play as Cho’Gath, a anh hùng from league of legend, who attempting khổng lồ destroy the world. You must destroy each building by climbing the side of the building lượt thích a ladder, then punching it with K to destroy it or climb to lớn the top and stump on it. Use the special ability (Rupture) destroys all buildings and enemies a short range in front of you. Enemies appear in as army soldiers shooting bullets và throwing sticks of dynamite, helicopters with machine guns, & tanks that fire missiles as well as various other league of legend champions attempting lớn harm you.

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How khổng lồ Play:

Default keybindings

W – UpA – Left– DownD – RightJ – Special ability (

 Rupture)– Basic attackSpace – Jump


Baltimore, MD ( Super Teemo)Thủ đô New York, NY ( Commanbởi Garen)Seattle, WA ( Urfrider Corki)Santa Monica, CA ( Riot Singed), also unlocks Astro Teemo.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ( Ziggs)London, Englvà ( Resistance Caitlyn)Paris, France ( Twitch)Berlin, GermanyMoscow, RussiaIstanbul, TurkeySingaporeBangkok, ThailandShangnhì, ChinaSeoul, South KoreaTokyo, nhật bản ( Battlecast Cho’Gath)Sydney, Australia ( Zac)

About Enemy Champions

Enemy champions are superior NPC’s that will try khổng lồ save the city by killing you. They bởi the following:

 Super Teemo: Flies horizontally. When he passes Cho’Gath, he turns around, flies diagonally toward Cho’Gath, then fires multiple lasers in quiông xã succession. He will appear from the same side he first appeared from. Commanvị Garen: Comes from the side and pauses for a moment before using 

 Judgment across the màn chơi. During his spin, he is invulnerable lớn your autoattack, will knochồng you back, & randomly destroy a building. He will alternate sides. Urfrider Corki: Flies horizontally. When he passes Cho’Gath, he flies upward & drops a 

 Missile Barrage downward, before exiting from the same side. He will always appear from the same side he first appeared from. Riot Singed: Comes from the side and leaves behind 

 Poison Trail. Will alternate sides. Ziggs: Comes from the side before randomly leaving behinds two bombs ( Hexplosive Minefield) that explode after a short duration, damaging buildings và Cho’Gath. Will alternate sides. Resistance Caitlyn: Appears randomly throughout the cấp độ in windows. After a couple of seconds, she will begin to ayên her 

 Ace in the Hole, eventually firing a skillshot projectile toward Cho’Gath. Twitch: Appears randomly from the ground, peeking up from underneath a manhole cover. When Twitch dies the manhole starts khổng lồ bounce on the ground, which has a chance lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage khổng lồ Cho’Gath. Battlecast Cho’Gath: Appears from the side. Fires multiple missiles toward Cho’Gath’s location. Takes multiple autoattacks to destroy. Zac: Final boss khủng. Attacking hyên ổn causes hyên ổn to activate 
 Cell Division. Failing to lớn destroy all of them will cause hlặng to lớn resurrect. He will then run across the stage và khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage. He gets smaller as you destroy his pieces.He also may use 
 Let’s Bounce! & bounces across the city twice, damaging you if he comes in contact.


Destroying walls of buildings occasionally reveal items beneath them.

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Food – Heals you for 30 Hp & adding 250 score points.
 Yordle Snap Trap – Damages and stuns you temporarily if hit.1 bomb from Hexplosive Minefield- Explodes after a short duration, knocking Cho’Gath bachồng if in range.

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 Jachồng In The Box – Damages and Stuns you temporarily if hit. Gentleman Cho’Gath’s hat. Gives 250 score points.