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Happy 4th Anniversary!Join the celebrations & Clayên ổn your special benefits.————–Join a new era of war game, where your strategy matters as much as the kích thước of your base & power of your Armadomain authority.Quý khách hàng đã xem: Hướng dẫn nghịch battle warship

The game challenges you to become the best navy commander. You must have sầu a keen eye on the battlefield lớn dominate the action & bring order with your navy to spot, scout và sink enemy ships!Become an admiral of invincible navy fleets in the best 3 chiều interactive sầu strategy game of naval warfare. Lead your powerful fleet through countless sea battles against pirates, sea monsters, và players from around the globe và rule the waves!Enter a post-apocalyptic world engulfed by the ocean và thriving with pirate activity.

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Comm& the most iconic battleship, destroyer và aircraft khổng lồ destroy your enemies in all out naval warfare! Why not join an alliance for true MMO glory & battle in the ultimate naval showdown – The Bermuda. Hunt the pirates & sea monsters wherever you may find them! The high seas are yours for the taking và it needs a ruler!World war is only the beginning – Dive into the action packed sea battles now!Features:1.Build your own empire-Base: Build and develop your own navy base-Carrier: More than 100 kinds of carriers around the world-Aircraft: 200 most advanced helicopters, fighters, & bombers -Warship: Exclusive sầu performance for each destroyer, cruiser, and battleship2.Build the strongest fleets of the ocean-Carrier: Enhance and upgrade carriers, build the strongest core of fleets-Aircraft: Enhance và tăng cấp aircraft lớn unloông chồng fighting skills-Warship: Unlochồng more advanced warship with higher combat effectiveness-Technology: Supply your commander with superior resources and power3.Create unbeatable alliance và rule the world-Join an alliance where you can get help from members, & obtain exclusive gifts-Participate in alliance interaction; raise your rank up lớn commander-Alliance war on weekover, winner will be the king of the ocean-Cross servers battle, all players fight for the highest honor once a week4.Play with global commanders-Play with millions of players from around the world-Text translator & Emoji are available-Customize your avatar-Choose the flag of your own country, find more allies and fight for your nation!5.The best strategy naval war beyond mobile-Beat pirates with variety of strategies for the rewards-Against sea monsters with alliance members for the higher rewards-Massive sầu PVP&GVG war, destroy và grab the resources of the enemy-Challenge World monster 3 times a day6.Unstoppable game experience-Great Post-Apocalyptic sea world with authentic 3 chiều graphics-Wage epic war on the interactive world map-Fast paced battles will keep you awake 24/7Cheông xã out the new naval MMO Battle Warship: Naval Empire now! A war game lớn end them all!Visit our Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/warshipsNEAttention! Battle Warship: Naval Empire is a free to lớn play navy themed war game, but some items & features can also be accessed using real money. NOTE: A network connection is required to lớn play.

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1. The 4th Anniversary event – Anniversary Cake2.New 3-star aircraft carrier: Battle Warship Anniversary, which can be evolved lớn Battle Warship Anniversary S, Battle Warship Anniversary S+, and Battle Warship Anniversary SS3.New event – Lucky Guess4.New sự kiện – Naval Treasure HuntFor more details, please see the New Version notice in the game.