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injury khổng lồ sb/sth The plaintiff had claimed damages for injury khổng lồ his health from exposure lớn asbestos dust.

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Microglia are resident immune cells in the brain that become activated in response to diverse central nervous system injuries.
Whereas doctors had a standard calculation chart for physical injuries, the evaluation of psychological disability remained haphazard và subjective sầu.
All the occupational injuries reported were sustained outdoors by outdoor workers và yet very few had been previously immunized.
Although a precise diagnosis can be given after examination, early recognition is important because the type of treatment is different for different types of injuries.
No injuries of any kind occurred during tests and no encounters had to be stopped because of excessive or persistent aggression.
One of the great claims of the supporters of the act was that workers would receive sầu payment for injuries with a minimum of litigation.
Such insurance should initially include basically the same group of persons as covered by the 1901 law on compensation for work-related injuries.
Four per cent were still out-patients & 5 % were still expecting further surgery for their accident injuries at 3 years.
Here the schoolboy who was thrown over the embankment at his new school has just finished an extensive sầu mô tả tìm kiếm of his injuries.
The main sources of the chest injuries were found to be the seat belt in frontal crashes & the door in side impact crashes.
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These are words often used in combination with injury.

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Another correspondent has told me that, some years ago, she was knocked down by an electric wheelchair, needed hospital treatment for an ankle injury and still has difficulty climbing stairs.
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