Where a wife had dementia, the husband found himself having to learn new domestic skills and become involved in intimate caring tasks.

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In this view acquaintances are plentiful, companions fewer, & intimates few & far between in a person"s life.
Drug use và intimate relationships aước ao women and men : separating specific from general effects in prospective sầu data using structural equation models.
The intimate relationship between ageing and accumulation of economic resources was always somewhat fragile.
The loss of an intimate relationship, which might be related lớn separation, also increased the risk for depression.
A salon tóc was an intimate society of men và women of the leisure class meeting for elegant conversation under the presidency of a skilled salonni"re.
A more intimate term is needed lớn describe the persons whose acts are attributed to the corporation.
At the same time, first-các buổi party privilege is provisionally accommodated and intimate harmony is protected in the face of such an unpleasant revelation.
At every juncture there is a seamless connection between private moments và public events, intimate feelings and collective sầu sentiments, personal goals & national ambitions.
In this context, musical relations are likely lớn become more self-conscious, và less intimate, than when watching fiction.
In the case of online diaries, publicizing the intimate meets two purposes, a social one & another, individual one.

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I don"t lượt thích it at all, because love-making is perhaps the most intimate & personal thing imaginable.
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