JoJo: The 10 Best "Is That A JoJo Reference?" Memes It"s fun to make references from popular anime lượt thích JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure. Especially in the khung of memes.

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Created by Hirohiko Araki in 1987, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been around for decades but gained a resurgence in popularity since the lachạy thử anime adaptation began airing in 2012. But not every anime bạn has gotten into lớn JoJo"s, as many have sầu been put off by Araki’s art style, the show’s oddball nature, or its chất lượng presentation.

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As a result, JoJo"s memes kết thúc up going over the heads of a lot of people in the anime community, prompting the question, “Is that a JoJo reference?” The very phrase has become a meme unto itself, so let’s kiểm tra out 10 of the best memes that will have sầu everyone asking, “Is that a reference to lớn ‘Is that a JoJo reference?’”

Fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure are a passionate bunch, so much that they’ll lean inkhổng lồ the meme of JoJo"s fans incessantly making references khổng lồ their favorite show by, well, making incessant references khổng lồ JoJo"s. This meme, using classic character, Robert E. O. Speedwagon, is a great representation of that devotion to lớn shouting out JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but the “look at the time” set-up could easily be a great meme format itself.

The great thing about memes that ask “Is that a JoJo reference” is that they’re usable reaction images, applicable to lớn any situation. This specific meme is itself a format, và a creator could easily switch out the word “JoJo” for any other property, lượt thích, say, Minecraft or something similar. What’s hilarious is that this JoJo"s meme is made up of random stoông chồng images -- watermarks và all -- & does not contain any actual JoJo"s references.

What good is a meme if there’s no SpongeBob SquarePants variation on it? After all, the classic Nickelodeon cartoon has produced countless memes and meme formats, likely more than any other cartoon, so of course, SpongeBob and JoJo"s would intersect lớn create this stick-in-the-mud meme.

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What’s especially great about this meme is that the use of Squidward feels incredibly appropriate, as you can totally imagine Squidward"s voice actor, Rodger Bumpass, saying those words.

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7 Not Sure

A comtháng meme format uses an absurd variety of fonts & logos to lớn the effect of looking like a ransom note written using newspaper clippings. This meme is pretty straightforward -- perfect for when you don’t know if something is a JoJo"s reference -- but what makes this one stand out is the use of Jotaro at the top. His squinting glare looks not unlike that of Philip J. Fry in the classic “Not sure if” meme format.

This meme is funny because the use of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker immediately makes the creator -- and anyone brazen enough to lớn employ the meme online -- seem like a dangerous malcontent. To top it off, this meme gets even funnier when fans remember that the text is actually a line of dialogue from Bane in The Dark Knight Rises -- not the Joker.

5 That Moment Of Realization

Using JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to ask if something is a JoJo reference is either super meta, or ridiculously literal. Or maybe even both! Either way, this meme is legitimately funny because it reletters a moment from Diamond is Unbreakable lớn tell a little story. What makes it even better is the four panels between the set-up và the punchline create a sense of tension and drama as the viewer gets to the inevitable “Is that a JoJo reference?”

This meme is almost the same premise as the previous, albeit with four panels instead of six. However, the attitude is different -- here Jotaro has a full-on realization instead of having an inkling that JoJo is being referred khổng lồ. It’s even funnier because Jotaro’s expression in the last panel is an indigent, angry look.

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Once again, the sense of drama and intensity is perfect -- not only for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but also for a meme about making reference to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

3 Incessant References

Once again, some JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans seem pretty aware of their obsession with the anime/manga & tendency khổng lồ make incessant JoJo references. This online joke depicts a swear jar with some coins in it next to lớn a jar for making JoJo references, which is threatening to overflow. This meme is also hilariously generic, because the right jar could literally be anything: Simpsons references, quoting Mean Girls, or use of the phrase “late capitalism.”

The thing about the “Is that a JoJo reference” meme is many users on the mạng internet commonly employ the meme when a thing isn’t a JoJo reference -- for ironic purposes. So of course eventually someone would subvert the khung by coming up with a meme for when an actual JoJo reference has been made. Hence, the existence of this helpful meme, which uses that multiple phông & biệu tượng công ty device again, a.k.a. a graphic designer’s nightmare.

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1 Intertextual Meme

In 2018, the hotdemo meme of the year was definitely the “Is this a pigeon?” meme, using a great out-of-context screenshot from the anime The Brave sầu Fighter of Sun Fighbird, wherein a character looks at a butterfly and says “Is this a pigeon?” Some clever soul decided to combine that with the “Is that a JoJo reference” meme with some pretty hilarious results. The artist didn’t go too hard on the absurd Araki faces, but the drama in the figure is still there. It is, however, unclear if the butterfly is a reference khổng lồ Pietro Vanozzo’s Stand, Iron Butterfly.