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After months of reopening và svào growth, Friday"s jobs report confirmed the Delta wave sầu is slowing the recovery. The US added less than a third of the jobs expected in August. Other indicators also worsened. The recovery could reaccelerate if vaccination improves and the Delta wave wanes, President Biden said.

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A Lighttốc độ VC advises companies to nail down a blockchain strategy within the next 2 years: 'I talk about it with any startup I consider investing in.'

Mercedes Bent stresses the importance of understanding blockchain & says it will be built inkhổng lồ the guts of every business in every industry.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg get pelted with pillows in what might be a sneak peek of Facebook's upcoming smart glasses

Facebook is partnering with Ray-Ban on the glasses, and the company teased that forthcoming details about the glasses are coming on September 9.

Donald Trump and his son phối to lớn vì chưng boxing commentary for the Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort fight on Saturday

Former president Donald Trump has signed a contract to vày a live sầu "gamecast" of a total four boxing matches at a Saturday sự kiện organized by Triller.

Check out the newly unveiled battery-powered Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV. Coming soon lớn a Beverly Hills driveway near you.

House Democrats just unveiled a big portion of their $3.5 trillion economic plan. Here's what's in it.

Democrats are racing lớn try and pass an ambitious $3.5 trillion "human infrastructure" plan that would vastly overhaul the way the US takes care of children, families, and the elderly. Here's a breakdown of what's in a newly released partial draft.

Startups can now rent the 'luckiest' office in Silinhỏ Valley: The site where Twitter và Instagram were born

The 6,400 square-foot office in San Francisteo where Twitter và Instagram got their start has some "good juju," the building's leasing company said.

Photos of a new, sprawling Amazon warehouse in Mexiteo surrounded by deteriorating shacks have gone viral as the tech giant continues to expvà its footprint internationally

Amazon said its new Tijuana warehouse would create 250 jobs. It's part of a $100 million investment in Mexico to lớn improve delivery speeds.

I'm a financial planner, and there are 4 easily avoidable investing mistakes I see over và over

Making speculative bets và attributing positive sầu outcomes entirely to skill, và bad outcomes entirely to lớn bad luông xã, are just some investing mistakes.

A deputy mayor in Thành Phố New York faces charges after federal authorities found hlặng with dozens of unregistered guns và bogus FBI badges

'I don't understvà why more people aren't doing it': Real-estate investor Joe Asamoah breaks down how he uses government assistance programs to lớn consistently grow his rental income — in some cases by 40% — & reduce financial risk in an expensive sầu market

A research analyst at a $2 billion crypkhổng lồ firm lays out the bull case for polkadot that most investors are overlooking — and shares why cardano's adomain authority is looking overvalued after a stellar run

Work smarter not harder with Staples' variety of discounted offerings on all things office and classroom.

Public health experts say this year's flu season could result in three times as many hospitalizations, further straining medical resources during this pandemic

"The possibility of a 'twindemic' is pretty real this year," Dr. Brian Dixon, director of Public Health Informatics at the Regenstrief Institute said.

Parents with higher incomes are more likely lớn oppose mask mandates in schools according khổng lồ a new poll

Of those who made less than $50,000, 19% said they opposed mask mandates, compared khổng lồ 40% of adults making more than $100,000, who said they were opposed.

The alleged corruption and abuse by Afghan leaders that the US ignored was a 'big factor' in the country's fall, human rights expert says

US officials have mostly seen abuses as an "obstacle" rather than "an essential component of addressing Afghanistan's problems," an expert said.

Mexico's most dangerous job is only getting more deadly, & I've seen up close how bad it's getting

"It is hard to know exactly where is the line of politics và narcos when it comes lớn the motives of these murders," one press advocate said.
You can fast forward và rewind certain TikTok videos using the progress bar at the bottom of the screen.

'Shang-Chi' is being pirated less than 'Blaông chồng Widow' so far và it could be a big win for movie theaters

"Shang-Chi and the Legkết thúc of the Ten Rings" debuted exclusively in theaters, while "Blaông xã Widow" and "Jungle Cruise" were also available on Disney+.
These are Coursera's most popular courses in terms of completion rates, from Google certificate classes khổng lồ a không lấy phí COVID-19 tương tác tracing course.
Air fryers are small convection ovens that make food crispy using very little oil. These are the best air fryers we tested.

Photos show how tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are making their way from Kabul to lớn their new homes

In the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanisrã, Afghans who escaped are in the middle of a long and exhausting journey lớn their new homes.

12 weeks of paid family leave made it inlớn Democrats' early plan for $3.5 trillion in social spending

Republicans are lining up in opposition khổng lồ Biden's plan, which is set to lớn be funded with tax hikes on corporations và wealthy Americans.

Meet the healthcare sale upstart that quietly hired more than 600 employees lớn take on consulting giants lượt thích Accenture và Cognizant

Consultancies like Cognizant & Deloitte are losing talent to lớn a healthcare sale startup, which is hiring data experts and product developers.

A startup that wants to bring a 'Moneyball' approach to lớn ads raised $8 million from investors like Stage 2 Capital and Samsung

Marpipe, a sale tech startup that does creative testing on ads, plans lớn use the funding khổng lồ expvà services và triple staff.

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7.5 million workers just lost their unemployment benefits and Biden didn't step in: 'I'm very, very angry because this is an attempt, in my opinion, to lớn force us all back khổng lồ work in low paying jobs'

A Delta variant surge is keeping many people from returning khổng lồ work, especially high-risk, low pay jobs like waitressing.

The 'Dogecoin millionaire' says his meme coin days are over. He shares the other 2 joke cryptocurrencies he briefly owned this year - và explains why he's now all-in on cardano's adomain authority token

Glauber Contessoto told Insider that he's holding dogecoin and buying cardano's native token adomain authority.

Biden's executive sầu order to lớn make HBCUs more equitable & affordable doesn't include student-debt cancellation

While his executive sầu order plans to lớn "advance equity" for Blachồng students, Biden has yet to lớn act on his chiến dịch promise lớn cancel their student debt.

NYC is using Biden's stimulus khổng lồ tư vấn taxi drivers, the homeless, & give artists $5,000 checks

NYC detailed extensive plans for using the $5.9 billion it got from Biden's American Rescue Plan. Meanwhile, other stimulus funds are stalled.

7 traveler-friendly European hotels you can book with little-known Capital One transfer partner, Accor Live sầu Limitless

You won't find many Accor Live sầu Limitless hotels in the US, but they're everywhere in Europe — & you can stay for không tính tiền using Capital One miles.

An unruly American Airlines passenger was detained for public intoxication after growling at flight attendants

Salt Lake City Police identified the man as Timothy Armsvào, 61, of Las Vegas, & cited hyên ổn for public intoxication & disorderly conduct.
eToro USA is an online cryptocurrency exchange offering 17 cryptocurrencies, social trading features, and educational resources for US traders.

K-pop fan accounts on social truyền thông media were suspended for 'irrational star-chasing behavior' amid China's crackdown on its entertainment industry

Chinese social-truyền thông site Weibo suspended bạn accounts for 21 prominent K-pop bands, including BTS & Blackpink.
You can learn more about a company's trustworthiness from its Better Business Bureau rating, but you should vị additional research too.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says 'speculation' about hlặng running for president in 2024 is 'purely manufactured'

"I hear all this stuff và honestly it's nonsense. So I don't really know what to say to rumors," the Republican governor said on Tuesday.
The digital solutions that health systems are deploying today—like AI—are effectively steps in their evolution into smart hospitals.

Here's Biden's tax plan that corporations like Apple, Disney, and ExxonMobil are scrambling to squash right now

President Joe Biden wants khổng lồ increase the corporate income tax rate from 21% khổng lồ 28% và increase the tax rates for the wealthiest Americans.
Insider Intelligence outlines how wealth managers who target high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) must adapt by using digital solutions.
The move comes as Ford is making big strides in the EV space. It could be a setbaông xã for Apple's electric car ambitions.

An airborne Tesla that plowed through a house in Floridomain authority và killed 2 people reportedly did not have Autopilot engaged

Tesla's Autopilot feature, while controversial, offers access khổng lồ add-on features designed to help prevent accidents like this.
Should we all be saving more to lớn prepare for another emergency like COVID? Not necessarily, according to lớn financial planners.

A man is facing criminal charges after a Tesla's onboard camera captured him apparently pretending khổng lồ get hit by the car

The man complained of back & neông chồng injuries after his alleged fall. He later "admitted lớn fabricating the entire sự kiện," police said.

Shoppers blast Balenciaga's $1,200 sweatpants with sewn-in boxers as racist: 'they've sầu really just gentrified sagging'

Balenciaga is the lademo fashion brvà under fire for cultural appropriation after selling a pair of sweats with boxer fabric peeking out the top.

A dating coach who charges $10,000 per client says her '3-4 rule' will help anyone find their person and weed out dud matches

Amy Nobile says you should be clear about your date's values, emotional availability, readiness, và chemistry by the third date.
The Nasdaq closed at record highs on Tuesday, in part driven by record closes in shares of both Apple và Netflix.

Codecademy, an online platkhung for coding courses, is offering 20% off all its annual memberships through September 7

A-Pro membership gets you unlimited access to lớn all of Codecademy's online coding and programming courses, including certificates of completion.

I bought a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro from Apple for $150 less than the lademo iPhone 12 Pro, và it's completely flawless

iPhones refurbished by Apple itself come in perfect condition, but don't get the older models like the iPhone XS.
Apple's big iPhone reveal event is scheduled for September 14, và we already have a few clues for what lớn expect from the iPhone 13.

Robert F. Kennedy's widow says his assassin should remain behind bars after RFK's sons voiced tư vấn for his parole

"He should not have the opportunity to terrorize again," RFK's widow, Ethel Kennedy, said of Sirhan Sirhan's possible parole.

Gov. Abbott said Texas will 'eliminate all rapists from the streets' so women don't have sầu to worry about the new antiabortion law having no exception for rape

In response lớn a question on the state's new restrictive sầu abortion law, Gov. Greg Abbott pledged khổng lồ "eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas."
Work smarter not harder with Staples' variety of discounted offerings on all things office & classroom.

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