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Học các tự bạn phải giao tiếp một cách đầy niềm tin.

A bunch of new freshmen (= students in the first year of a program of study) are taking the university"s math placement exam.
The company is raising £33m through the placement of new shares at 150p each khổng lồ fund its European expansion.

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a service for finding a suitable job for someone, especially a temporary job for a student or unemployed person:
The microphone placements for me are always investigations inlớn the simultaneity of all the ways there are of hearing any given sound.
Alternatively, the composer can follow commercial demands for consumer multi-channel systems in number of channels and speaker placements.
As a result, the various metric placements of the riff give the studio version a looser, more improvised feel.
72 risks associated with multiple placements & the involvement of county protective sầu services were found khổng lồ be unrelated to the development of behavior problems.
lưu ý that these results were all found from the same image, and it is likely that different processor placements would be optimal for different images.
He, however, studied children who were housed in very poor-quality institutions & who subsequently experienced several foster home placements.
The dependency characteristics of individuals accounted for the vast majority of variations in placements.
The analysis provides a coherent và interpretable picture of the effect of assessment decisions on placements in residential và nursing homes.
The supply indicators that were used were found to lớn be statistically significant but did not improve the predicted proportion of correct placements.
Having lớn fund older people from other areas meant that the authority had less money to make care-home page placements for local older people.
We should re-emphaform size that, in terms of conceptual fit, we are most confident in the general expert left-right placements in measuring citizen-legislative sầu distances.
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Các trường đoản cú thường xuyên được thực hiện với placement.

The honors level/advanced placement courses are designed for the academically gifted, the high above sầu average, và the very highly motivated student.
The institution might have to consider helping lớn find a reasonable alternative sầu placement, or altering a course to remove the requirement for a work placement.

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In every case, visually legible interior shapes are achieved either through the careful placement of concealed clerestorey windows or by similar means.
Những ví dụ này trường đoản cú English Corpus với từ các mối cung cấp bên trên website. Tất cả các chủ ý trong số ví dụ ko bộc lộ chủ ý của những biên tập viên hoặc của University Press giỏi của người cấp phép.




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