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an extra competition or election khổng lồ decide the winner, because the leading competitors have sầu finished equal:
an extra election to decide on a winner, because the leading competitors have sầu equal numbers of votes, or because the winner had less than half the number of votes:
The plants were sprayed until run-off (approximately 100 ml per plant) and then left lớn dry for 60 min before being placed in a cage.
Adopting the run-off approach rather than the going-concern approach means different effects are produced by some types of risks.
The first tier consists of 176 seats, which are filled by the winners of run-off elections in single-thành viên districts.
The distinction is not innocuous because the effects of majority run-off systems on electoral competition are quite different from those of plurality rule.
The up-estuary, tidally averaged salinity increases with increasing tidal range và decreasing run-off.
To reduce nitrates in rivers would require reductions in the use of fertilisers, or more specifically in fertiliser run-off, and changes in cropping techniques.
The access cover for the terrace tank was rusted, improperly secured and sunken below ground màn chơi, allowing surface run-off water to lớn enter the tank.
Surface detritus is derived by erosion of the bedrock, và ice deposits contain sandy-silty detritus incorporated from the wind & surface run-off.
According to lớn these authors, heavy run-off during monsoon rains produces sheet flow, & sediment is actively moved.
We chose to lớn construct a 3-5 mm aortopulmonary shun so as lớn reduce the pulmonary diastolic run-off and protect the myocardium from ischaemia.
The latter"s hopes were predicated on forcing a run-off in which he would secure the tư vấn of the other parties.

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On the livestochồng side, tighter nutrient cycles can reduce nutrient run-off & subsequent pollution of watersheds5.
The only question was whether he would get an absolute majority, or, falling short of that, be forced inkhổng lồ a run-off.
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