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safeguard (sb/sth) against sth The agency did not consistently install protections khổng lồ safeguard against unauthorized computer access.

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something that you vày or provide in order to protect someone or something from harm, damage, or loss:
safeguard against sth Keeping a large cash reserve sầu is, for some airlines, the best safeguard against another bankruptcy.
The data gathered in this study indicate that these additional safeguards were developed through the operation of institutional learning arrangements.
Our profession is art, they claimed, and managed lớn get it subsidized và safeguarded as a valuable national legacy.
Two factors that are likely khổng lồ influence such trade-offs are the selection pressure from parasites and the reproductive value of safeguarding future survival.
An incomplete method uses clever intuitive heuristics for searching but has no safeguards if the tìm kiếm gets stuchồng in a local minimum.
Hence, there can be no satisfactory solution khổng lồ safeguarding this muscoid component of dung degradation.
Above all, the entire patriarchal structure had an interest in safeguarding women"s dowries and ensuring that the system was working smoothly.
Food producers should consider stringent safeguards khổng lồ prsự kiện contamination of food-processing equipment during renovation or construction activities, including enhanced in-plant environmental monitoring.
Mathematicians should be more receptive to theoretical material but with safeguards and a strict honesty.
Similarly, assumptions about society"s responsibility for safeguarding the best interests of children can be questioned.
Such studies can be used to lớn identify weaknesses in the system, as well as opportunities for enhancing system safeguards.
However, restraints or punishment of scientists who contribute to our growing body toàn thân of knowledge, in compliance with applicable regulatory safeguards, may constitute overreaching government action.
The liberties of individuals were also ostensibly safeguarded by the sworn obligation placed on many civic và company elites to lớn rule impartially.
They have sầu a similar obligation to lớn make their findings known within a forum-most typically, a peer-reviewed publication-that safeguards integrity & excellence.
In addition, smaller communities had tended to provide safeguards against the outright sale of votes or the intimidation of voters.
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