The rise in US interest rates caused the dollar khổng lồ strengthen (= increase in value) against all the Asian currencies.

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A discussion paper aiming lớn strengthen the EU"s competition regime has been circulated amongst commissioners.
Retìm kiếm and development expenses amounted to lớn €76m in the first six months, reflecting the company"s desire to lớn further strengthen its technological leadership.

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strengthen your position/performance/control thiết bị di động operators need to strengthen their control over revenue & profit.
strengthen laws/regulations/mechanisms The Oil Conservation Division is in the process of trying lớn strengthen regulations over oil waste pits.
if the financial position of a company, economy, etc. strengthens, or if something strengthens it, it improves:
Proceeds of the sale will be used to lớn pay off existing debt in order to lớn strengthen the balance sheet.

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be strengthened (by sth) Their market position has been strengthened by the purchase of their main US rival.
if a currency strengthens, or if something strengthens it, it increases in value compared khổng lồ other currencies:
This strengthens the case for work factors having a greater impact on socioeconomic inequalities in psychological digăng among mỏi men.
More generally, greater synthesis of retìm kiếm findings and more explicit discussion of explanatory theories và concepts would have sầu strengthened the value of the book.
Every centre was encouraged lớn strengthen its social science research, to lớn address particular themes và overall staff numbers.
As the structural dimension of solidarity had not strengthened, it was not surprising that the third hypotheses also had lớn be rejected.
This should rather have sầu strengthened their original tư vấn for the tax, instead of turning them against it.
Because this strengthening typically takes place through a reduction in credit creation, it can produce a credit crunch that exacerbates the recession.
Since it does not, this assumption strengthens the analysis that it is not present in these persons và numbers.