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As usual, players must have sầu the Battle Pass to purchase this treasure. Also, the guaranteed sets are not marketable/tradable but are still able khổng lồ be giftfed.

Valve sầu clarified a few details in an announcement Thursday.

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"Available exclusively khổng lồ Battle Pass owners for $1.99, and brimming with 14 subterranean-themed thành tựu sets—& three rare sets—the Collector’s Cabịt is ready to unearth a rich seam of heroes suitably styled for this year’s event. Unboxing fourteen of these treasures automatically grants you 27 Battle Levels. As always, the chances for a rare drop increase with each treasure you open, and each purchase contributes directly to The International prize pool."

So go out there & earn money for the beloved International. Make sure to lớn keep raising money, or previous years will win! Show the world that Dota 2 is alive sầu an svào. There's only have one major tournament left before the big day, so make sure to stay up to date on the DPC.

Photo Courtesy of Valve 

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