"twelvesky2: the limitless" will be back on sea!

Online game publisher Playwith, has officially announced that warriors can rejoin the Legendary War in TwelveSky2: The Limitless today, in open beta all over Southeast Asia.

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TwelveSky2: The Limitless is launching with unlimited contents, limitless war than ever versions that has come khổng lồ past. Providing new players with an incentive sầu of a ‘Beginner Package’, where players can receive sầu tư vấn and an advantage to catch up with other online players.

The legendary và classic MMORPG game is themed around ancient chimãng cầu, following the Epic Martial Arts in the concept of “Unlimited contents, Limitless War”. In TwelveSky2: The Limitless, a player starting up is given an experience boost to lớn allow them lớn join the war as soon as possible, furthermore providing a storage vault and Hermits Vault, that is limited for 15 days. The developers are additionally planning on adding events in the game, to lớn make players come on back for more. Other new features include:

Fishing SystemPet G LevelMax Level G12Proving Ground for G1-G12New Raid Dungeons

Continue the fiercest legendary war today, visit their trang web khổng lồ learn more about the game & follow their Facebook page khổng lồ be updated on everything TwelveSky2: The Limitless.

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Nabeel Shariff is tuongthan.vn tuongthan.vn"s newest intern who is very passionate about video games and tech.

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